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How to check backlinks?

The truth of search engine optimization is that content is the minister, external links are the king, and the lack of any one will not work. In addition to attracting user content, SEO also needs a lot of tools to analyze the data of the website. Check Backlinks to My Website?Here are six different categories of SEO tools:

Link building

Keyword research

Content optimization

Backlink analysis

Ranking tracking

All-in-one SEO tool

This series of articles will be divided into three parts, introducing different types of SEO tools, this article will introduce SEO tools for link building and backlink analysis.

What is search engine optimization?

The definition of search engine optimization is a series of rules that website owners need to obey when optimizing their website for search engines, and its purpose is generally to improve the search ranking of the website.

Benefits of SEO

Applying SEO technology to your website is beneficial in many ways. We have listed the following main benefits.

· Increase flow

· Cost-effective

· Improve website usability

· Improve brand awareness

Link building

Having high-quality inbound links (also known as backlinks or import links) is a key aspect of a website ’s success. If there are many authoritative and relevant links on the Internet that point to your website, then your website will have a much higher chance of having a higher search engine ranking. In any good link building program, a special technique is to invite influential people (or authoritative websites) to lend a helping hand. The following link building tools will help you do this.

1. AuthoritySpy

AuthoritySpy is a good SEO tool for link building. It can find influential people and authoritative blogs based on search terms. Users can divide the search into multiple projects, depending on which “expert” in the franchise market they are studying, all results can be imported into a CSV file. This tool allows users to easily contact authoritative persons, including direct links to their social media profiles.


2. BuzzStream

BuzzStream is another SEO tool for external link building, which enables users to gather and connect with influential people. However, this tool provides users with contact information, social media information and their website indicators (to help select the most suitable website). Once the user contacts an authoritative person, the user’s email / tweet will be saved in the BuzzStream system and will allow you to set reminders to follow up. The tool also provides a centralized database for the user’s entire team. You can collaborate with teammates and share information and collaboration.


3. Dibz

Dibz is an easy-to-use SEO tool that allows users to search and filter search results from the industry ’s top influencers based on specific search criteria. The results are provided in a table, and one or more indicators can be filtered to help users judge the quality of their expected results. The tool also includes a spam tool that allows users to filter irrelevant results. Once your link building solutions are ready, you can choose to import them to PitchBox, which is a platform where you can set up and track impact promotion campaigns.


4. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is an advanced blogger promotion software, covering a large number of functions, including a blog search engine, website research, important person customer relationship management (CRM), blog and social content search, content and interactive reports, and so on. But don’t be intimidated by this long list of features. This software is actually very easy to use. Just enter some keywords in the system, the system will automatically filter out the most suitable blog for you based on the domain name weight.


5.GuestPost Tracker

GuestPost Tracker is essentially a huge database with more than 1,000 websites that can accept visitors’ posts. Through this SEO tool, users can track all the websites they submitted, the time of submission, the anchor text used, etc. Users can choose where to post based on the following criteria: free or paid, domain weight, link type, Google index volume, etc.


6. Contentbird

Contentbird (formerly LinkBird) is a hybrid software for keyword research and link building. The tool helps users achieve what they call “Content Success Methodology”-through workflow platforms, conversion tracking apps, and content hosting services.

The best thing about this tool is that it can connect to your daily browser activities. These activities will show you some data, such as the number of links to open a website, the number of sources to open a website, and so on.


Backlink analysis

Backlink analysis can be seen as a continuation of link building. However, backlink analysis is another step forward. These tools are not focused on obtaining backlinks, but are designed to monitor the performance / success of the links already covered. Many of these tools provide functions such as SEO auditing, competitor research, and content crawling.

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a good tool for backlink analysis. It is one of the largest link indexes in the world (updated daily). The SEO tool also includes some great features and functions, including uninterrupted SEO monitoring, location tracking, specific keyword and content research. However, it does not have SEO reporting and keyword management functions.


2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool provided by Google. This backlink analysis tool allows users to monitor the performance of the site, submit content for crawling, identify problems, monitor backlinks, and more. Users can see all the backlinks in one place, including domain name, number of links, and number of linked pages. However, you must manually crawl the link.


3. Kerboo

Kerboo (formerly Link Risk) is a set of SEO tool suites that provides a variety of functions, such as backlink analysis, link search, ranking tracking and SEO audit. It can not only diagnose and fix problems related to links, but also monitor and track the performance and coverage of links, as well as quickly collect potential customer contacts through website and keyword searches.

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