How to choose an SEO outsourcing company

Searching for SEO companies in Google, you can find a lot of search results, how to choose, this often becomes a problem for many customers, each company blows well on the website, but there is not much real strength, I concluded The following points are for your reference:

1. Try to abandon the studio

I do not deny that many studios do have a high level of people, but most of them are leather bag companies. There is no good contract protection, and many studios do not sign any contracts. Then it is very difficult to request a refund if the keywords cannot be done.

2. Whether to find a local company

If you are in Shanghai or Beijing, then you should find an SEO company. If it is more remote, try to find a more well-known local company. After all, cross-regional cooperation is always reassuring, but if you are in network technology For underdeveloped cities, it is still recommended to find a reliable company in a big city. Even if you spend more money, it is worth it. After all, buy it with confidence.

3. Ranking

This is the most intuitive standard. The optimization does not depend on the sales of the mouth, but on the quality of the technical water products. My own ranking can best be reflected. I have always told customers that if their rankings are ranked first by bidding , Then this company can be completely abandoned, because there are still many people who do n’t know what the word “promotion” in the bottom right of the ranking means.

4. Case

Your own rankings and cases are the most convincing. Especially for cases in the same industry as you, it is not necessary to have the exact same keywords, because many companies have restrictions on the number of keywords they can undertake. If you do n’t have the same industry, you need to see whether the optimization company has done some highly competitive keywords. If the cases are all simple unpopular words, it ca n’t reflect the technical level.

5. Ranking commitment

Most of the rankings promised by optimization companies are in the top ten of Google or Baidu, there are also top 8, top 7, and so on. Few promises are the first and second. The rules of search engines are constantly being adjusted, and no one can guarantee 365 days, the ranking is ranked in that position every day. This kind of commitment is not reliable, especially for some popular words. The competition is very fierce and needs to be maintained every day. How can you promise to stay in the first place if you compete for it? .

6. Working cycle

Under normal circumstances, excluding those popular concept words, the operation time required for an optimization list is roughly 2-3 months. If someone promises that the standard can be reached within a week, then it takes a long time to think, most of them rely on mass sending If you do this kind of method, the early effect may be good, but it will be killed soon, and the money will basically not come back. Normal optimization has a set of processes.

7. Website optimization package sales

This situation is too much, and it is also the easiest to be fooled. Most of this kind of situation occurs when the website is built, first talk about the website, and then say that they also do SEO, the cost of the website and the cost of SEO are separate. After the booked work cycle fails to meet the standard, the SEO portion of the money will be refunded because the keyword does not meet the standard, but the website has been completed and the pen will not be refunded. Most of these companies only have website construction services, and there is no website optimization technology at all. They only earn money from the website. Many customers want to get it in one step, no longer looking for other suppliers, and save time. The result is often infuriating. .

8. Qualification of the company

This may depend on personal opinion. It is not that the service of the newly opened company is necessarily poor, but most customers will still choose a relatively long-term SEO company to operate. We also recommend choosing the establishment time Longer, after all, experience is there, even if the price is slightly more expensive, you can feel at ease.

In general, the main points of choosing an SEO company are these. The most important thing is its own ranking and case. If these two points are not met, then it should definitely be excluded. Hope everyone can find a more regular SEO company heart.

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