What is a backlink?

What is a backlink?For beginners of Google SEO, it is easy to confuse the understanding of backlinks and external links, and everyone is not clear about the difference between the two. This is a completely different concept for Google SEO Chains are actually two different things.

So, what is the difference between a reverse link and an external link? Let me give you an example.

A simple example, for example: the two pages X and Y, if the Google SEO staff points to the X page with a hyperlink on the Y page, then we can clearly indicate that the URL of the Y page is the back link of the X page.

One thing worth watching here is:

We do not have strict requirements. The X page and Y page cannot come from the same main domain. The implication is that we can understand it as follows:

① X page and Y page, backlinks from different main domains, we can understand as external links.

②X page and Y page come from the backlink of the same main domain, we can call it intranet.

Therefore, we can easily derive the concept. Backlinks include: external links + internal links, which are obviously different from external links. When formulating certain SEO strategies, if you need to increase backlinks appropriately, then When you increase the external chain, you also need to increase the internal chain.

So, what are the methods of backlink query?

· Use google  to search

Common tools for querying backlinks, you can mainly use: ahrefs

The main functions of the website anti-chain include:

① Anti-chain query on the home page

② Anti-chain query on the inner page of the website

From the current point of view, this anti-chain query tool is relatively accurate and can basically identify the back links of most websites, but this is usually only to identify external links, and it is not very good for internal links.

· Use Google Webmaster Tools

Although Google has already launched China, and there are rumors of pre-return, Google has never given up searching Chinese content. For Google SEO, it provides a very convenient tool in the official webmaster tools. As long as you verify through Google Webmaster Tools, it can clearly identify the internal links and external links of your website.

· Use the command domain query

For the domain command, the same query is only for external links in backlinks, but in most SEO diagnosis, sometimes SEO personnel only give priority to the composition of external links. Using this command can only be a simple rough reference.

· Domestic paid SEO management tools

At present, some professional SEO agencies in China provide paid management software that can effectively identify and reverse links, usually crawling the entire network of Chinese sites through crawlers compiled by themselves.

The development cost of such software is relatively high, and it is not very publicly sold. Only a few high-quality SEO agencies use it for their own use.

Summary: Backlinks are an important reference indicator for measuring a site’s internal and external link resources, and have a positive reference value for Google SEO optimization. Google SEO tools for querying backlinks are very important for Google SEO merchants and even seoers. If you want to know, leave a message in Ueeshop!

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